About us

Welcome to OJD

OJD consists of the following to divisions: Automotive & Industry

Our mission is to sell our own niche products to the automotive aftermarket.

Based on good business, credible actions and knowledge, we believe that we are able to maintain and expand our business area.

Our mission is to sell parts to the danish industry based on customer specifications.

Our goal is to keep our customers’ total costs to a minimum by focusing on the following:

  • Supplier reduction
  • Supplier flexibility
  • Supplier surveillance – new possibilities
  • Assembly and packing
  • Communication
  • Quality and price

Common for both divisions is our core values, which are contributing in creating results:

Diligence and commitment: A combination of responsibility and competences, needed to reach the required results.

Loyality: To build relations, connecting us even closer to our business partners.

Skill: To do things in a simple and efficient manner and make them easy to understand. Our ability to survive, depends on our ability to change.